Support for new breeders

We understand that taking on a new venture can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many things to absorb and think about when making the decision that is right for you. We are happy to assist with pre-sales and after sales service to ensure that you make informed decisions when entering into alpaca agriculture.

If you are a first time hobby farmer we can assist with everything from genetics to fencing to animal husbandry. We are only too happy to take the time to explain things and answer your questions. No question is a silly question! You can even come along to a personal “hands on” demonstration tailored to meet your needs.

If you come from one of the many large sheep stations out west and are familiar with animal husbandry but not specifically familiar with alpacas we can assist or locate animals to meet your needs and answer your questions too.

Over the years we have supplied many alpacas to the hobby/pet enthusiast and the serious breeder through to guard animals for tens of thousands of sheep western Queensland.

Alpacas are an easy care, endearing, robust animal for

  • The hobby farmer – they offer a “green option” of maintaining the acreage, and at the same time provide enjoyment for the family,
  • The farmer – they provide protection of stock thus minimizing loss and increasing stock rates, and therefore business income,
  • The serious breeder – they provide an option for a viable green change into an agricultural life style for very little output.

There will be an alpaca just right for you.

Talk to us about the possibility of an alpaca meeting your needs today. You can also visit the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd website for official announcements from our peak industry body. The Australian Alpaca Fleece Limited website displays the magnificent garments and accessories available from these beautiful animals. The SRS® Alpacas International website will provide information about breeding programs for the more advanced alpaca breeders.

Last updated on July 19, 2015