Show and Tell

After discovering the appealing nature of these “Eco-friendly” animals, the ease associated with their maintenance, not to forget the added bonus of the luxurious and truly sensational alpaca fibre, we developed a business plan and launched into our first purchase early in 1999. Some eight years later, in 2007 we took our business to new heights by being the first in Queensland to engage renowned veterinarian Dr Jane Vaughan to perform embryo transfers with our elite suri alpacas. We are thrilled with the outcome – the arrival of elite solid white suri offspring. With careful planning and astute purchases we have gone from a small hobby on the side to winning top prizes at state, national and international competitions. We were awarded champion prizes at the inaugural International Alpaca Fleece Competition in March 2008. We can now rightfully claim to be…
Breeders of World Champion Fleece.

We believe that winning ribbons at shows is fun and exciting however we also believe that a ribbon may not tell the whole story about the animal. Often ribbons are awarded because they are the best animal on the day, whilst others are awarded because there were minimal numbers in the class and sometimes the animal may have only been competing against two or three animals. This can often happen at a non AAA-endorsed show.

The Australian Alpaca Association Ltd has devised rules and guidelines for running judging competitions. Trained AAA judges are skilled and adhere to strict guidelines to ensure consistency, to maintain breeding standards and to assist in the advancement of quality alpacas in Australia. Sometimes the judges don’t even award a first if an animal is not worthy of first place!

We value the skill and standard of the AAA judges and therefore only support and enter competitions endorsed by the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd.

Our suri alpacas have won numerous broad ribbons (Supreme, Champion & Reserve Champion awards) at International, National, Royal and Regional Shows over many years. We are now consolidating our reputation as breeders of single-coated, fine, white, lustrous and dense, true-to-type, robust suris with fast-growing fleece and exceptional conformation.

Last updated on January 13, 2015